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The Key-Lab is composed of 50 staff including 45 researchers (containing 27 Professors and 8 Associated Professors, and 32 researchers with Ph.D. degrees ) , and 5 technicians and administrative assiastants. The averaging age of the staff is ca.44 years old, with younger researchers in account for nearly a half of number in the Lab.

Prof. Sun G.

The chief scientist in the Key-Lab is Prof. Sun G, paleobotanist, Director of the Int’l Center for Research & Education of Geosciences in NE Asia of Jilin Univ. (JU), President of Paleobotanical Society of China (belonging to the PSC), Corresponding Member of BSA and Honorable Professor of Florida Univ. (US), and Chief Editor of J.Global Geology.Graduated from Changchun Univ. of Geology in 1968, Ph.D. in NIGPAS in 1985; and Post-doc. in British Museum (NH) in 1988-1989.Major in Mesozoic plants, and making contributions to the study of origin and early evolution of angiosperms. During 1998-2002, leading his research group to find the earlist known angiosperm Archaefructus from western Liaoning of China, and proposed the hypothesis “Easten Asian origin of angiosperms”, putting forward the study of origin and evolution of angiosperms in China and the world. Two cover papers were published in Science, and receiving “the 1st Grade Award of Natural Sci., MEOC” in 2004, and “the Award of Geosciences named Li S.G.” in 2005.

The other leading scientist in the Key-Lab include Prof. Sun C.L., paleobotanist and paleoecologist, Director of the RCPS(JU), Vice Secretary-General of Paleontological Society of China (PSC); Prof. Zhu H., archaeologist, Director of Center of Fontier Archaeology(JU), Vice- President of Archaeological Society of Jilin Prov.; Prof. Zhou H., molecular biologist, Director of Lab of Molecular Biology(JU); Prof. Liu Z.J., sedimentologist, Foreign Academician of RAS (Russia), Director of Institute of Energy Resources(JU); and Prof. Wang P.J., sedimentologist, Director of Institute of Petrology (JU). All these leading scientists have made greater contributions to their research fields, respectively.

Prof.Wang Pujun

Prof.Sun Chunlin

Prof.Zhou Hui

Porf. Zhou Hong

Prof.Liu Zhaojun


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