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         The key-Lab has 27 large-scale instruments and equipment, with a total value of 21.731 million yuan. It mainly includes 5 large-scale equipment with an amount of more than 1 million yuan, such as electron probe, scanning electron microscope, laser Raman spectroscopy, rock pyrolysis instrument, genetic analyzer, etc.; 8 sets of analytical high-resolution electron microscope, carbon sulfur analyzer, low-temperature dry distillation unit of oil shale, etc., and 14 sets of equipment with an amount of more than 100000 yuan. In addition to the two instruments purchased in the 1980s, which are mainly used for teaching and exhibition, the annual average utilization rate of other large-scale instruments is 60-85%. Among them, electron microprobe, scanning electron microscope, carbon sulfur analyzer, fission track instrument, PCR instrument, genetic analyzer and so on can be opened to the public regularly. More than 20 scientific research and teaching institutions at home and abroad such as Geosciences and life science have used the instruments and equipment of our laboratory for scientific research. 7190 machine hours are opened to the school every year, and 2190 machine hours are shared outside the school.  

  At the same time, in terms of oil shale testing and other aspects, the fossil energy research team developed a portable near-infrared spectroscopy field detector for oil shale oil content to meet the needs of oil shale field detection. In addition, the scanning electron microscope (JSM-6700) was upgraded and semi quantitative element energy spectrum analysis was added.

    SEM,JAL-6700         GC-MS(U.S.A.)         CSA(U.S.A.)    Fishcer low-temperature dry distillation

                                                         unit of oil shale     

     Electron probe      Elemental Analyzer(Germany)  Rock Pyrolysis Instrument(France) mpv Microphotometer(Germany)