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  The laboratory is mainly focused on the research of paleontology and fossil energy, including geology, molecular biology, bioarchaeology, and other disciplines. It is the only comprehensive laboratory with intersection of Arts and Science in China, which conducts research on paleontological evolution and environment and related research in Northeast Asia. The laboratory mainly focused on basic research, and also provides services for searching fossil energy such as petroleum. It has made important contributions to biological evolution in geological periods, major geological events and paleoenvironmental changes, fossil energy, ecological evaluation and traceability of Chinese civilization. Especially in the origin and early evolution of angiosperms, Meso-Cenozoic plants and atmosphere, unconventional oil and gas, volcanic oil and gas reservoir geology, bioarchaeology and ancient DNA, 6 research fields have unique characteristics, occupying a leading position in China; early quilts. The research field of the anatomy of early angiosperms, Czekanowskiales and Ginkgo plants ranks in the forefront of the world.

  The paleobotany research team led by paleobotanists Sun Ge, Sun Chunlin, and Sun Yuewu has long been committed to the study of the interaction between plants (sporopollen) and the environment since the Late Paleozoic, and published a series of articles in domestic and foreign journals such as Geoscience Frontiers, Cretaceous Research, etc. —Cenozoic plants and the environment have made outstanding contributions to the co-evolution; unconventional energy teams Liu Zhaojun, Shan Xuanlong, etc. established oil shale mineralization models and oil sands in-situ mining evaluation standards based on genetic types, providing China's unconventional energy for green mining Ruler: The Songliao Basin Continental Scientific Drilling (ICDP) Chief Geologist Wang Pujun and Gao Youfeng identified the Songliao Basin as an active continental margin basin for the first time, and discovered Triassic volcanic rocks in the basin. They are used in the theory and exploration practice of volcanic rock hydrocarbon accumulation Make outstanding contributions; molecular biologists Zhou Hui, Cui Yinqiu and others have applied ancient DNA to bioarchaeology and made major breakthroughs; academic leaders in the field of Quaternary Environment and Bioarchaeology, Zhu Hong and Zhang Quanchao, have made achievements in the study of the relationship between man and land in the Holocene The fruitfulness enabled the Asian module of global human disease and health history research to settle in China.
  In the past 5 years, laboratory members have published a total of 344 papers, including 236 SCI retrieved articles, 34 EI retrieved articles, 5 monographs and 2 textbooks; 1 first prize of the International Science and Technology Progress Award, Jilin Province Science There are 3 first prizes for technology and 1 first prize for Jilin Province Teaching Achievement Award.

  Representative research results:

   1、The Earth Environment and Biological Evolution since the Late Paleozoic
Research on the classification and paleoecological study of Pterosaurs in Jehol Biota
Volcanic rocks in Songliao Basin: New understandings and new applications from formation background to oil and gas exploration

   4、Important progress in ancient DNA and bioarchaeological research
   5、Fruitful research on man-land relationship in the early Holocene in Northeast China