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   Relying on the geological museum and archaeological and Art Museum of Jilin University, the laboratory actively carries out science communication. It receives more than 30000 visitors and holds more than 10 science popularization lectures and exhibitions every year. There are many exhibition halls, such as "the mystery of the earth", "origin and evolution of life", "mineral resources", "rare stones, gemstones", "dinosaurs", "heritage hall", "archaeological excavation hall", and "open laboratory for teaching and scientific research" for on-site restoration of fossils; in addition, the activities of world earth day, international museum day and national science popularization day are actively held The exhibition of science popularization will bring the scientific research achievements of our laboratory into the science popularization exhibition. Phoenix Satellite TV, Xinhua news agency, Jilin TV station, Changchun TV station, new culture news, city evening news and other media reported the scientific research and popular science work of our laboratory. Meanwhile, the expert team of laboratory evolution and science of history communication has released a series of popular science knowledge articles, such as the earth story and the campus species story, through the new media such as WeChat official account. The effect of the science popularization video is the most popular. China's Micro science video "the origin of life" won the "national science popularization contest" excellent work Award (2017, and the team was awarded the 2017 issue of the Chinese Geological Society. Excellent science communication team award 2018.

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