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  The Key-lab is composed of 53 freserchers, including 50 researchers, 3 technicians or managers. Among them, there are 30 professors (accounting for about 60% of the total number, including 1 academician of the Russian Academy of natural sciences, 1 communication member of the American Botanical Association and the Natural Science Association of senkenberg, Germany, 1 Chairman of the international geoscience research and teaching center of Northeast Asia, and 4 senior experts in Jilin Province), 16 associate professors, 4 lecturers and teaching assistants, all of them have doctoral degrees, and 15 people under 40 years old, accounting for 30%, among them One of them was awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China for outstanding young scholars, one young scholar of the "Yangtze River scholars Award Program" of the Ministry of education, and 5 post-doc. researchers.
  During 2015-2019, the key-lab has 224 scientific research projects. Among them, the national level projects mainly include one national major special project, five national key R & D projects, and the national "973" project Among them, there are 5 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 35 projects of the State Administration of foreign affairs, 17 projects of the National Social Science Foundation, and 2 projects of the China Post Doctoral science foundation. The total expenditure is about 102 million yuan. Among them, there are 66 national projects with a total funding of 37.5587 million yuan; 45 provincial and ministerial projects with a total funding of 36.3658 million yuan; and 113 horizontal scientific research projects with a total funding of 28.0138 million yuan.

Research Team:

Research Fields




Major geological events and environmental evolution

Sun Ge

         Zhang S.Q.、Jin L.Y.、Xue W.L.、Liu Y.J.、

       Ge W.C.、Quan C.、Zhou J.B.、Zhang M.S.、

        Yang D.B.、Zhang X.R.、Fang S.、Wang F.


Biological evolution in geological period

Sun Chunlin、Sun Yuewu

             Chen Y.J.、Chen J.、Wu W.H.、LiY.F.、

             Na Y.L.、Shi X.、Cheng X.、Lang J.B.


Basin evolution and fossil energy

Liu Zhaojun、Wang Pujun

      Zhu J.W.、Cheng R.H.、Shan X. L.、Dong Q. S.、

          Liu R.、Meng Q.T.、Tang H.F.、Gao Y. F.、

             Sun P.C.、Bian W.H.、Zhang Y.、Hu F.


Early human activities

Zhu Hong、Zhang Quanchao

                 Tang Z.W.、Chen J.Q.、Cai D.W.、

                    Wei D.、Fang Q.、Wang C.X.


Molecular phylogeny

Zhou Hui、Cui Yinqiu

                          Xu Y.、Han L.、Si D.Y.