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  In the past five years of operation of the laboratory, 178 graduate students have been trained and obtained doctoral and master degrees respectively; there are currently 258 graduate students (84 doctoral students, 174 master students, including 8 foreign graduate students), including those with the United States and Canada , France, Australia, Austria and other countries jointly trained 8 doctoral students. With the help of supporting laboratories such as the Study Abroad Fund of the Ministry of Education, more than 10 doctoral students such as Tan Xiao have been sent to famous foreign universities for joint doctoral training. Most of them have become powerful assistants of laboratory researchers and published in SCI journals at home and abroad. More than 10 papers related to the research field.

  Strengthen the guiding force of graduate students through interdisciplinary, expand the knowledge structure of graduate students, and enhance the comprehensive innovation ability of graduate students, which has achieved good results. Doctoral students Na Yuling and Tang Jie won the 2016 and 2017 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of Jilin Province respectively. Master student Li Yu and doctoral student Luan Jinpeng respectively won the sixth and ninth National Li Siguang Outstanding Student Awards.

International training:


                     Tan Xiao,U.S.A.                      Guo Peng,France              Li Xiang,Canada                          Liang Ye,Malaysia


                    Sun Chenyang,Australia                                           Cang Zhengyi,U.S.A.                                       Song Yu,Austria

Foreign graduates

             Kovalova T.,Russia           Imuran M. ,Pakistan            Hassan M.,Pakistan

    Supervisor:Prof.Sun Ge         Supervisor:Prof.Sun Yuewu       Supervisor:Associate Prof.Wu Wenhao 

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