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  The Key-Lab for Evolution of Past Life and Environment in Northeast Asia, Ministry of Education, China (EPLENEA)is a larger interdisciplinary laboratory integrating Paleontology, Geology, Molecular Biology and Bio-Archaeology. The Key-Lab is one of the main centers for research and education in China on paleontology, biological evolution, and their environmental changes. The Key-Lab mainly focuses on the biological evolution through the geological time, with major in the studies of  paleontological taxonomy and evolution, paleoenvironment andfossil fuels oil and coal), early humen being activities, and the paleo-DNA, etc. The main research areas are the NE Asia including the northern China. 

  The Key-Lab consists of four research departments including of Paleontology, Paleoenvironment and fossil fuels, Bioarchaeology and Paleo-DNA, with a synthetic technique lab.  The Key-Lab is composed of 53 researchers (containing  50 researchers and 3 Associated Professors, All of them  with Ph.D. degrees . The Key-Lab is headed by Prof. Sun G., paleobotanist.  Academician Prof. Liu J.Q, well-known geologist IGG, CAS and Prof. Zhou Z.H.(IVPP)chairs the Scientific Committee of the Lab. Post and vice-Chairmen of the Committee include Prof. D.L. Dilcher (NAS, USA), Prof. M.Akhmetiev Corresp. Mem., RAS), Prof. V. Mosbrugger Germany, Prof. Gao K.Q. ( Peking Univ.,China , Prof. Gao X. (IVPP, China,Prof. Zhu M. Y.(NIGPAS,China)and Prof. Sun Y.W. (Jilin Univ.,China). The members of  the Committee include Academician Prof. Wu X. Z. anthropologist,IVPP, Prof. Wang Y.D. paleontologist,  NIGPAS, etc. The leading scientists in the Key-Lab also include Profs. Sun Y.W., Zhang Q.C., Cui Y.Q. and Wang P.J., who are the excellent specialists in studies of  Biological evolution and their relevant researches.                    
     The Key-Lab shares to have four Post-doc. Stations granted by the State Council of China, including of the Paleontology & Stratigraphy, Quaternary, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Archaeology & Museumology. Three research bases with Ministry-level attach to the Key-Lab also. In the last five years, 178 graduates have received Ph.D. or M.Sc. degrees in the Key-Lab; 258 graduates 84 for Ph.D., 174 for M.Sc., containing 8 foreign graduates)have studied the Key-Lab; and 5 post-doc. researchers are working here. Since 2015, there are 8 graduates getting the fellowships with co-supervisions of USA, France, Canada,Austrilia and Austria. All the research work of the Key-Lab is integrated in the Programs of “211” and “985” of the China’ Ministry of Education.