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The main research fields in the Key-Lab include

(1) Paleontological taxonimy and evolution,

(2) Main biota and Geo-/Bio- events through the geological time,

(3) Paleoenvironment and Fossil fuels,

(4) Early human being activities and ethic origin, diversity and magrati- ions, and

(5) Paleo-DNA, etc.

The researches are focusing mainly on those of the Northern China and its neighboring regions in Northeast Asia.

Scientific achievements and project

  For the recent years, the members of the Key-Lab have gained more achievements in the researches on the origin and evolution of organisms through the geological time, bio-archaeology, sedimentology and fossil fuels, etc. Among them, the three research fields are more characteristic, e.g. the origin and evolution of angiosperms, bio-archaeology, and the eval- uations on oil shale resources of China. The main contributions include two papers published in American journalScience, and a paper inPNAS(US).

  In the last five years, the members of the Key-Lab have published over 300 papers (ca. 40 in the journal of SCI index, and 6 of EI index), 12 books (4 of teaching material); received “Natural Sci. Award (1st Grade) of Ministry of Education, China (MEOC), the “Geoscience Award named by Li S.G.”, two of “Sci. Tehn. Progress Award (2nd Grade), Ministry of Land & Resources, China (MLRC)”, and a “Sci. Tehn., Progress Award (2nd Grade), Jilin Province. Bisides, the achievement on the oldest known angiosperm was elected as the “Ten Top Achievements of Sci. Techn. in Universities of China in 2002”, and into “100 Top News of Science in 2002” by the journal Discover of US.

  Currently, the members of the Key-Lab have more than 70 projects including one for Project “973”(State key-project), 10 for the NSFC, and 32 for the ministries of China. In 2007-2008, the projects of the Key-Lab have increased for more than 20 in number. Up to now, there has been about 30 million yuan of funding for research work in the Key-Lab. The achievemnents in studies of the KTB in Heilongjiang, the discoveries of Jidapterus and Jitaisaurus, and of the dinosaur tracksite in Xinjiang, have been paid more attention in the global scientific circle. The evaluations of the oil shale resources in China made by the Key-Lab much benefit the state economy of China. The achievement of the bio-archaeological research is significant for putting forward the social progress of China.