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The research results of Professor Sun Ge's research team were published in "Geoscience Frontiers"

Date: 2019-08-31    Times: 

  Recently, the research team of Professor Sun Ge from the Key Laboratory of Biological Evolution and Environment in Northeast Asia in the upper part of the Houshigou Formation in Heilongjiang first discovered and named the woody angiosperm platanus fossil Platanus heilongjiangensis sp. nov. .And the tuff in the upper part of the fossil production horizon was obtained using the zircon U-Pb dating method to obtain an isotope age of 96.2±1.7 Ma, indicating the stratigraphic age of the Late Cretaceous Cenomanian. The result was published in an important international academic journal " The English edition of Geoscience Frontiers (Geoscience Frontiers) Issue 10, 2019. This new discovery indicates that there was extensive volcanic activity in the eastern part of Northeast China in the early Late Cretaceous, and the woody angiosperm Platanus vulgaris fossils have appeared during this period, and more prosperous.

Platanus heilongjiangensis and zircon U-Pb dating